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Stone's Energy

Experience the Natural Power of Gemstones

You are no doubt familiar with the periodic table of elements, right? It shows the basic chemical elements that make up all of life and everything we know of on Earth. From solid rocks and stones to plants, animals, and even humans, everything and everyone on this planet is made up of the same elements and chemical compositions.

As hard as it may be to grasp, we are all made up of the same kinds of chemicals as the gemstones you’ll find in natural gemstone jewelry. The big differences between humans, stones, plants, etc. lie in minor changes in chemical makeup, temperature, and energy. On the whole, though, we’re all made up of the same materials, and so it shouldn’t be hard to understand how we can benefit from the healing powers of naturally formed objects.

 Thanks to fluctuations in temperature and changing combinations in chemical compositions, every object on earth is constantly vibrating at its own set frequency. Through its vibrations, each object carries energy, and each can thus be used for its energy to some degree. Some objects, of course, have higher vibrations than others and therefore more powerful energy.

 Natural gemstones vibrate at a very high rate. Though you won’t notice their vibrations by looking at them or touching them, you can certainly feel their vibrations through their energy when you wear them. That’s because, as you are made up of the same elements and chemical compositions as natural gemstones, you can actually gain energy and healing power from them. When you are lacking in some form of energy, if you know how to wear it, the right gemstone could set you on the path to healing, feeling better, and even gaining more success in your career and relationships.

 Different Stones for Different Purposes

Now, though we’re only made up of a finite number of elements, those elements can be combined in an almost infinite number of ways to produce all kinds of objects and creatures. Thus, every gemstone on Earth has different traits, and thus different gemstones are used for different purposes.

For thousands of years, people all over the world have used various gemstones to heal physical and emotional ailments. Some gemstones are associated with aiding memory, while others act as sleep aids, and still others are said to bring good fortune. Garnet, for example, is known for cleansing and healing the lungs and heart, as well as aiding in romantic love. Pearl, on the other hand, is known for bringing calm and peace to your mind and body.

 Just knowing which kind of gemstone holds the type of energy you’re lacking and that you need to replenish will take you a long way toward your goals. Simply holding onto a gemstone that embodies the energy and chemical compositions that your body currently lacks will bring you a sense of healing. Imagine how much more effective it can be when you know exactly how to wear it to bring the most healing powers.

 Before we get to how you can wear natural gemstones to heal yourself and bring more success and wellness in the areas where you’re lacking, let’s first discuss how these gemstones work their seemingly magical properties.

 How Do Gemstones Work to Heal the Body and Mind?

 Why are gemstones so powerful? How do they hold so much more energy than the other objects we encounter in our daily lives? First of all, these stones have gone through a lot of changes on their way to their current forms. From ancient lava and magma heating and cooling to drastic changes in temperature and pressure, they’ve been infused with a massive amount of energy.

 As chemicals are heated, cooled, and compressed to form gems, all of that energy is compressed along the way and is trapped in the gemstones, making them real powerhouses for healing. And, because you are composed of the same elements and chemical compositions as these gems, when you hold one or wear it against your skin, an energy transfer will occur.

 Because the gem is so packed with energy, even if you are only somewhat lacking in that same form of energy or chemical composition, the energy will flow from the gemstone into you, giving you a sensation of healing and wellness.

 How to Wear Natural Gemstones 
The first key, of course, to wearing natural gemstones to gain healing and energy powers is to know which gemstones to wear. Below, we have a list of healing gemstones of all types for all purposes that you can wear to heal your mind and body. Don’t just choose your natural gemstones and jewelry based on your personal taste or the outfit you plan on wearing today.

 If you choose your stones based only on esthetics, you’ll look lovely wearing them, but you won’t necessarily do much for your health and wellness. Thus, you won’t look as lovely as you would wearing gemstones that are specifically tuned to the kind of energy you’re lacking and the healing you need.

 Once you’ve chosen the right natural gemstone(s) for your situation, you’ll need to know how exactly to wear them to get the greatest benefits from their healing energy. Wearing a natural gemstone necklace against your skin, for example, is a great way to achieve overall good energy all over your body. Dangling from your neck and resting against your chest, the gemstone can radiate its energy outward, washing over your whole body.

You may also directly apply healing natural gemstones to the parts of your body that need healing the most. For these, sometimes, a ring is the best choice, as you wear it on your hand and you can then easily press it gently against your heart, your lungs, your head, or wherever you need.

Earrings can be used the same way as either rings or necklaces. Pressed against your ears or dangling, brushing the skin of your neck, they’ll transfer their healing and helping energy to you, giving you all of the energy and power you lack and setting you on the path to wellness.

Gemstones and Their Healing Powers

 Moonstone – Support your overall wellbeing and clear obstacles from your path, leading to success in money, love, and all you wish for.

 Sunstones – Feel stress melt away while you increase your fortunes in money, gaining abundance in all that you undertake.

 Turquoise – Dispel the destructive effects of negativity with an all-around healing and energizing stone that attracts love and friendship.

 Garnet – Enhance your sexuality and inspire love and attraction with this revitalizing and energy balancing gemstone, as it clears negativity from your path.

 Citrine – Balance and energize yourself. Enhance your emotional awareness and positivity while gaining wealth in both money and knowledge.

 Amethyst – Attract love and good luck with this stone of positive change. A transforming gemstone, wear amethyst when you feel unbalanced or unstable.

 Lapis – Enhance your serenity and accept your dreams with a stone that aids in gaining perspective, peace of mind, and protection against harm.

 Malachite – Recover from setbacks and challenges with this stone of transformation and release past negative experiences with inner calm.

 Ruby – A powerful gemstone, ruby inspires happiness and prosperity in yourself, as well as devotion and integrity in those around you.

 Emerald – Looking for love? In need of better communication and more truth in your life? Emerald is the stone to bring you closer to yourself and your love.

 Sapphire – Reinvigorate your creativity and intuition with a gemstone that enhances expression and personality in its wearer.

 Diamond – This precious gemstone enhances relationships, both personal and professional, to bring you amplified love, energy, and money.

 Crystal – Harness the energy of crystals for harmony in your body and mind, protection against harm and negativity, and balance in all you do.

 Prehnite – Strengthen the power and vitality of your life force to fight off illness and injuries with increased energy and spiritual communication.

 Blue Topaz – Enhance your ability to successfully communicate your desires and see them manifested before you. See the big picture better with blue topaz.

 Tourmaline – This stone aids in channeling your body and mind’s energy to do great things. Find happiness and passion in all you do.

 Agate – Cleanse negativity and regain balance and stability. Awaken nascent inner talents and express them beautifully for enhanced success and wellness.

 Quartz – Find greater focus, more energy, and protection against negativity in all of your endeavors. Create balance, wealth, and happiness in your life.

 Smoky Topaz – Balance your life and release tension and worry. Wear this stone to relieve stress and gain better stability.

 Yellow Topaz – Unshackle yourself from depression. Regain perspective, balance, and stability with the sunny nature of yellow topaz.

 Ruby Zoisite – Build health and wellness in your heart, and amplify psychic energy for better relationships and greater wealth.

 Rhodochrosite – Don’t lose yourself as you chase after your heart; keep them together with this stone of love and balance.

 Carnelian – Clear away negativity and stimulate the dual energies of love and joy. Let light flow in to transform and invigorate you.

 Coral – Enhance your imagination with better visualizations, and a strengthened understanding of your own spirituality, power, and mysticism.

 Onyx – Stay grounded and stable in the face of challenges and obstacles in your path. You have the power to overcome.

 Chalcedony – Feel anger and depression slip away. Relieve feelings of hostility and sadness. Feel more grounded and happier.

 Jade – Balance the energy between yourself and your partner. Inspire love, romance, and fidelity between the two of you with this pure stone.

 Pearl – Calm your mind and soothe your body. Gain a greater grasp on truth and charity with the purity of pearls.

 Black Spinel – Feel instant and freeing stress relief. Channel energy into success and wealth. Gain prosperity in money and other ventures.

 Labradorean – Protect your aura from harm and gain a greater understanding of your destiny and your path to success in life.

 Peridote – Attract good luck and success with money to yourself with this gemstone of renewal and rebirth.

 Aventurine – General healing comes to mind, body, and soul, along with balance and intellectual and emotional stimulation.

 Aquamarine – Calm, cleanse, and soothe yourself with the gentle power of aquamarine. Enhance your luck and feel no fear with this stone.

 Snowflake Obsidian – Bring all of your troubles and truths to the surface and face them with calm and balance. See patterns in your life and watch success come to you.

 Moss Agate – Gain stronger connections with those you love, more success with money, and a better perspective on life and the big picture.

 Opal – Feeling blocked? Enhance and nourish your imagination and creativity with inspiration to do greater things and achieve more success in expressing yourself.

 Rose Quartz – The crystal of love, this gemstone will attract romantic love and strengthen bonds of friendship and warm feelings of positivity.

 Tiger’s Eye – Say goodbye to the blues. Gain greater concentration and focus. Bring scattered details together to create a unified whole.

 Blue lace Agate – Clear your mind and awaken your innate perceptiveness and spiritual awareness. Soothe your thoughts and dreams while shedding negativity.

 Botswana Agate – Strengthen your nervous system. Help heal broken bones. Inspire creativity and healing throughout your mind and body.

 Ametrine – disperse and diminish negative thoughts while honing your psychic abilities to bring you closer to those you love and more success in your endeavors.

 Sugalite – Known as “the Healer’s Stone”, sugalite heals physically and mentally, and it enhances psychic abilities for better intuition and success.

 Rutilated Quartz – Gain greater energy, more focus, and a clear idea of your path to success in money, love, and happiness.

 Rutile – Gain insight into the challenges you face. Gain greater balance and stability. Meditate with better focus to relieve stress and gain peace.

 Prasiolite – Enhance your natural insight, gain prosperity and wealth, and increase your own self-reliance with this stabilizing stone.

 Larimar – Inhale a breath of fresh air as you feel freer, more energized, and at greater peace with yourself than you have in a long time.

 Jasper – Break free from the limits that you think bind you. Nurture your soul and creativity to realize your dreams, gain success with money, and all you undertake.

 Iolite – Iolite brings psychic healing and inner peace. It stimulates curiosity and creativity for more playful and joyous feelings.

 Fluorite – Organize your soul with spiritual wholeness and an enhanced sense of inner peace. Let go of stress and embrace love and light.

 Corundum – Stimulate your inner ambitions and gain insight into the unknown. See the path to more money and more satisfying relationships.

 Amazonite – Align your physical body with your spiritual self. Gain balance and rejuvenation as you reenergize your mind and soul.









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